Keep trucks off roads

Mark Kleinschmidt, Councillor for Ward 60, Kenwyn

The call to the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) by the City of Cape Town to ban trucks on the main national roads during peak hours, must be supported by all stakeholders, arising from the horrendous fatality on the N1 on Wednesday September 20.

What cost does one attach to the loss of human life versus, “a significant impact on the local economy”?

The Cape’s congested highways exacerbate the problem, and this must be factored into the debate. Year on year, there is an increased number of road users and the carnage on our roads.

Driver behaviour must be addressed, and a significant paradigm shift by road users through renewed driver education must be established by the National Road Traffic Department. While the City contends with taxi lawlessness and related traffic challenges, a dialogue must take place between the City and Sanral in respect of the regulation of heavy vehicles on national roads.