Keep up the good work

Mogamat Noor Jacobs, Bokmakierie

As the Bokmakierie community, we would like to thank SAPS for patrolling our area since last week.

Since the patrols, there have only been about three incidents of shootings when police were not present, compared to the previous weeks of two to three times a day.

When SAPS are patrolling, our community feels that they can walk around and feel safe.

We have noticed the random searches that are done at certain houses as well as the searching of individuals on the street.

We also noticed that patrolling is done during the day and through the night when we are resting.

As the community, we really think that this is an awesome operation and would like to show our gratitude towards you.

Last week we had an open-air thikr, led by the Bridgetown community, next to the Hazendal Community Centre on the field.

People from various communities joined the thikr and people could enjoy the evening outside. SAPS were patrolling the area the entire evening.

Please SAPS, continue with what you are doing.