Ma Golding celebrates her 100th birthday

Celebrating Marie Golding’s 100th birthday, seated, are family friend Anne Siroky, back left, and her granddaughter, Jillian Alexander.

New Year’s Eve was extra special for Marie Golding, who saw out the old year by seeing in her 100th birthday.

Ma Golding, as she is affectionately known, started her day with a morning walk through St George’s Anglican Church, where she received holy communion and a gift of flowers.

Later there was drive-by celebration at her Appledene Road home in Silvertown. Originally from District Six, Ma Golding moved to Sunnyside first, before moving to Silvertown. She has lived in Silvertown for more than 60 years.

Ward 49 councillor Rashid Adams was among those who came to wish her well.

Marie Golding celebrated her 100th birthday with a drive-by party at her Silvertown home.

Wayne Alexander, the brother of Ma Golding’s son-in-law, spoke of her passion for soccer – she’s a loyal Liverpool fan, and with Liverpool’s win of the Premier League in 2020, there was a football theme to her birthday bash.

Mr Alexander also described how Ma Golding had lived through World War II and seen both the arrival and demise of apartheid.

“The sporting theme of Ma Golding’s celebration is so telling of her love for sport. She never missed an event unless it was beyond her control,” he said, adding: “Ma was always present to cheer her children and grandchildren along.”

Ma Golding is a member of St George’s Church and the Anglican Women’s Fellowship. Her family thanked the church for its pastoral care and the clergy’s regular visits before the Covid-19 lockdown.

“She enjoyed her early morning Sunday mass, seated at the same place for years, religiously following the Anglican liturgy and praising God through song and scripture,” Mr Alexander said.

Hundreds of social media messages flooded in, with celebrations held in Johannesburg, New Zealand, Australia and America.

Her granddaughter, Jillian Alexander, ascribes her grandmother’s good health to her being active in her younger days.

“It was such a common sight to see Ma walking to Gleemoore and Athlone, and this practice has no doubt contributed to her amazing strength and health. She remains a glamorous granny, always stepping out in her beautiful dress attire and groomed hair – which she thoroughly enjoys. Well recorded is also her love for dancing. As a social being, Ma cherished a sound conversation, interacting with people regardless of age,” Ms Alexander said.

Ma Golding had eight children, of which three died, 16 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.