Man arrested for possession of two firearms

Two firearms have been confiscated in Manenberg.
A 20-year-old suspect was arrested for illegal possession of two firearms in Manenberg yesterday.

Metro police officers, who were on patrol, noticed a suspicious vehicle driving with its headlights off.

The officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver refused and sped off.

Officers gave chase until the vehicle came to a standstill in Thames Avenue.

Four suspects got out of the vehicle and fled in various directions.

The officers carried on with the pursuit on foot between the flats. One suspect fell in a field as he attempted to cross it. He was then apprehended.

When the officers took the suspect back to the vehicle, they discovered a home-made riffle zip gun with two live rounds of ammunition and a revolver.

Metro police spokesperson, Ruth Solomons, said: “The suspect was arrested and transported to Manenberg police station where he was detained. It was later discovered that the vehicle driven by the suspects was hijacked in Gugulethu the previous night.”