Mural of hope for youth

The mural at Bonteheuwel High School.

A mural was unveiled at Bonteheuwel High School on Youth Day, Friday June 16, to inspire the youth of the area.

It was created by artist Wayne Beukes, also known as Conform, and 10 pupils who attended a design workshop where they were asked to sketch messages for the youth.

The project was initiated by the City of Cape Town’s department of arts and culture.

The team used slain anti-apartheid activist Ashley Kriel, who was from Bonteheuwel, for their mural.

They included powerful messages of hope for a better future for the youth of Bonteheuwel.

Ward 50 councillor Angus Mckenzie said because of the fast pace of life, the youth of today seem to have forgotten what young people fought for during the struggle against apartheid.

He said because of that there was a need to find new heroes in the community.

“We must never forget where we come from and understand the history of this school and the community. Remember that the fight started in Bonteheuwel, take what happened and apply it in your life,” he said.

Mr Mckenzie said democracy was based on freedom, fairness and opportunity.

He said each person should have the opportunity to be the best in a fair manner, but the challenge remained where people were waiting for each other to take the first step.

“There must be a deep desire to take the first step and beat the odds to achieving your goals. It won’t just come to you on a platter, you have to work hard for it and stop being dependent on others. Make a conscious decision to do it and not be like the rest. Everything starts with having an education,” he said.

Grade 10 pupil Aretha Ernstzen was one of the artists who worked on the mural and said she was pleased with the end result. “It inspires us to be role models in our communities and complete our education,” she said.