‘Pink Day’ raises some much needed funds for hospice


After hosting a fundraiser, which also served as a cancer awareness programme, St Theresa’s Roman Catholic Primary School donated R2 384 to St Luke’s Hospice in Belgravia.

The Welcome Estate school hosted a successful “Pink Day”, where staff and pupils came to school dressed in the colour pink, and everybody had to pay a small fee for this privilege.

Principal Rochelle Davids said they decided to donate the money they raised, because Pope Francis declared this year as the Jubilee Year of Mercy. “During the period of Lent (a time of sacrifice, fasting and prayer leading up to Easter), we especially want to honour the Pope’s declaration by reaching out to the community. A good way of reaching out, was to donate the money. Now that we have established a relationship with St Luke’s Hospice, we will stay on board, and we are encouraging the community to also get involved in supporting the organisation, in whichever way they can,” Ms Davids said.

St Luke’s Hospice is a support service for terminally ill people and their families.

Sister Estelle Adams said all their patients are referred to them by hospitals. She explained that services they offer include doing an assessment of the patient’s condition, and assisting the family with advice, support and guidance on how to care for the patient.

“We also offer counselling to both our patients and their families. If they require any equipment, and we have it available, we lend it to them. Our central office in Kenilworth also has a 10-bed ward, for symptom control and family respite. Our daycare facility is focused on St Luke’s Hospice cancer patients. At the daycare, we offer spiritual care, meditation and art therapy,” Ms Adams said.