Powerful poetry

Dylan Allen, Kraaifontein

Chantell Hector take a bow for your poem (“Wounded”, Athlone News, September 13).

You have said what I have known for decades and could not word effectively.

A powerful piece of poetry at the right time.

Violence and the blood gushing in the streets have been prevalent since the early 1980s as I recall how my friend and I fled with a few youngsters after 10 at night on our way to Table Mountain in order to spare them a premature death and or the vicissitudes of violence.

Took them to a cabin and read protest poetry while the bullets were hitting the court walls. Hitting the windows and shattering lives.

We would bring them back when the bullets had died down and rest was possible.

Sad that in the morning, when our big fight was with the oppressors of human dignity, did we still have to quabble over the oppressors handouts and called it territory.

An inspiring piece of writing. If writing adorns the soul, then write on, Charnelle.