’Reading is a basic tool of life,’ says librarian

Children’s librarians Nicole Collinnet, left, and Zuraya Sassman ran a literacy programme last week for children from Flamingo Crescent informal settlement.

The Lansdowne library held a literacy programme for children from the Flamingo Crescent informal settlement, last week.

For International Literacy Day, on Wednesday September 8, the library invited four children from the settlement to join the programme where children’s librarian Zuraya Sassman read Toad Makes a Road.

The children had to colour in a tortoise on an activity page in front of them each time they heard the letter t in the story. They were also taught how to write out the letter.

Children’s librarian Nicole Collinnet said literacy levels among the Flamingo Crescent children were not what they should be but they were improving. Children in the area struggled get Afrikaans books or access the internet so having a library card was important.

“We chose this book to focus on the letter t because some letters sound different in Afrikaans compared to English, and it confuses the children so this was an easy letter,” she said. “Reading is a basic tool of life, so if we can help them with the basics, then we can help them further along as well.”

Nuraan Amardeen, Nur Amardeen, Diego Jacobs, and Denero Burgess each received a colouring-in book and crayons.

Each child received a colouring-in book and crayons.

Denero Burgess, 9, from Flamingo Crescent, said reading was interesting and educational.

“I like reading character books and building books,” he said.

Nuraan Amardeen, 8, draws the letter t.

Nuraan Amardeen, 8, said she also liked character books, especially those about movies she had seen.

“I like reading Barbie books and Frozen books, and Cinderella is my favourite,” she said.