Regina Coeli Primary celebrates grandparents


Regina Coeli Primary School hosted a special Grandparents’ Day celebration on Friday, February 26, to celebrate the importance of grandparents in their grandchildrens’ lives.

Grandparents from different areas made their way to the school for a morning of cake and tea.

Principal Hilton Alie said it was important to host this day as an acknowledgement and appreciation for the role grandparents play in family life.

“Many grandparents play an instrumental role in sustaining families. Grandparents further impact tremendously on the development of their grandchildren. The school recognises the socio-economic strain many families face and how grandparents are not duly honoured for their input,” Mr Alie said.

The programme included a welcome address and prayer, a poem by one of the pupils, a dance item by the Grade 4 pupils and a song item by Lee Mert in Grade 6.

“We are overwhelmed by today’s attendance. The grandparents really made the event worth our while. The Grandparents’ Day is one of the events which the school will promote in its planning. There is a huge sense of fulfilment when you initiate action which brings joy to others.”

Mr Alie said the grandparents were appreciative of the gesture and that it is great that grandparents are reassured that they are loved and appreciated by the school community.

“It is comforting for pupils to develop with a deep assurance that not just parents and teachers care for them but other trusted family members as well.

Pupils were excited and on their best behaviour because their grandparents visited the school. The radiance on the pupils’ faces was an indication of their excitement,” he said.

Grandmother of 12 and great-grandmother of 10, Dorothy September, 78, from Mitchell’s Plain has a great-grandson, Luke Votyeka, in Grade 2 at the school. Ms September said, she was excited about the day and even baked a cake.

“They gave us an invitation to the school for the gathering of all the grandparents. We are very excited about it, I even baked a lemon cake for today. I feel grateful because there’s some people still thinking about the old people.

“We get shut out of life often so we feel very excited about this because we get to meet and make friends. I really enjoyed this day,” Ms September said.

Doris Knowlden, 61, who also lives in Mitchell’s Plain, is a grandmother of three. Her granddaughter, Zoe Greeff, is in Grade 1 at the school.

“I am very excited about being here. It is nice to come out more and enjoy our lives,” Ms Knowlden said.

Thomson Golding, 74, from Surrey Estate, said he thinks Grandparents’ Day is a good idea because grandparents don’t get recognised often.

“I got an invitation from the school. I think it’s a good idea because we don’t get recognised often. We do play a big role in their lives, but when we get tired of them we just give them back to their parents,” joked Mr Golding.

“Being a grandfather fills the gap especially if you’re a widower. At least there is a grandchild to keep me busy, otherwise it would be very boring. I help with her homework and she always makes me help her with things,” Mr Golding said.