School needs help

The Children of Light School in Rondebosch East celebrated their first anniversary on Wednesday October 17.

The Children of Light School (COLT) is an initiative of the Ananda Kutir Education Trust which is a registered non-profit organisation and sustains itself on donor funding and volunteer support.

Colt opened its doors on October 17 2017 and set up an early childhood development programme that offers free, quality education to children from the Pooke se Bos and Hadji Ebrahim Crescent informal settlements.

The school is currently being run by two volunteers and one paid staff member who is the cook and cleaner.

The school is seeking to appoint a Waldorf kindergarten teacher for whom the school requires funding for at least two years. The school has called on the community for pledges to support the school with monthly or annual donations.

To make a donation or for more information, call the school on 084 919 4864.