Seven-year leak finally fixed

Titus and Johanna Abrahams are relieved that their bathroom leak has been fixed after seven years.

After a seven-year struggle, the City has finally fixed a leak in an elderly Heideveld couple’s bathroom.

Titus Abrahams, 90, said the leak near a light fitting had been fixed thanks to the intervention of the Athlone News.

Mr Titus and his wife, Johanna, 89, said the leak started in 2016, shortly after the City upgraded their Patricia Court flat.

The Athlone News reported three times on their struggle to get it fixed (“Seven years to fix leak in elderly couple’s flat,” Athlone News, October 4; “Bathroom leak goes on for years,” Athlone News, May 24; and “Leaks after flat upgrade,” Athlone News, August 7, 2019).

Their elated daughter, Gail Dyssel, thanked the Athlone News reporter, saying: “We are truly grateful that God used you to be of assistance. You were the only one who really showed concern. Thank you for assisting my parents with their seven-year problem. It is much appreciated.

“We also want to thank Mogamat Khan and Leon Petersen from the City of Cape Town as they really made things happen for us within two days… The leak was fixed, they plastered the ceiling and painted the bathroom. We are really satisfied now. It’s really a pleasure being in the bathroom now.”