Soup kitchen reopens in Kewtown

Children enjoying a warm cup of soup.

Build A Better Society (BABS), in Kewtown, is working with the provincial Department of Health to provide soup and bread for the needy in the Kewtown area, to ease the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Jo-Anne Wilson, the manager of Babs, the soup kitchen, which has been going for about 20 years, closed when the lockdown started, but it soon became apparent that people were going hungry as they couldn’t work.

Babs then started working with In the Public Interest (IPI), an NGO that is doing door-to-door Covid-19 screening on behalf of the Department of Health and the Kewtown clinic. Babs provides the IPI staff with bread, soup, and paper cups for those in need.

“We give a few pots of soup and about six loaves of bread when they go out. We know that our people are suffering and we want to help,” Ms Wilson said.

“We are so thankful to our sponsors who continuously donate to us. We are, however, looking for more donations in the form of bread, soup bones and veggies.”

Babs also cooks and distributes meals for 25 seniors daily in Kewtown and Bridgetown.

Myrtle Dadies, 76, is one of those who gets lunch daily from Babs.

“It really helps me a lot; it makes life so much easier for me,” she said. “I really enjoy the food that they make, especially the greens, and the food that we get on a Wednesday is like Sunday lunch, chicken, rice, veggies and potatoes.”