Special thanks

Yvonne Jaftha, Kewtown

We, the community of Kewtown, would like to thank Ebrahim Abrahams for feeding our community since the inception of the lockdown.

Mr Abrahams, a teacher at Kewtown Primary School, was going to buy his daughter a car as she was completing her PhD in Geology at UCT this year.

While he was looking around, the country went into the lockdown.

He realised that many children will go hungry as the school feeding scheme was also closed.

He decided to postpone his purchase in order to assist our community.

Since the first day of the lockdown, he has served hot meals for up to 500 people five days a week.

His family do the cooking and pre-packing of meals at home.

Residents Roslyn Rive, Gairo Isaacs, Marie, Mona and Sharon Bowers help to distribute the food.

On the first day of Ramadaan, his family came to Kewtown to cook four pots of soup in the blocks.

He has done this without any sponsors or donors.