Take one day at a time

A letter from a reader.

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale

The year 2020 is speeding to an end, and I think many of us can’t wait for the year to end because, for most of us, 2020 was the most difficult and challenging year in modern history, bringing not only South Africa but the whole world to its knees.

Many people lost family or friends due to the coronavirus, others lost their jobs, and not only our economy, but the world economy is in ruins. So many things changed in such a short time.

Maybe God is telling us that we should remember He is still in charge and whatever plans we have for the future it’s not up to us; it’s all in God’s hands.

So it’s better just to take one day at a time.

Make the best of today because tomorrow is promised to no one, and everything can change so quickly as we all know by now.

Maybe 2021 will be a better year or maybe it will even be worse than 2020, we don’t know.

Nobody knows; only God, so it’s better to leave the future in God’s hands and just make the best of today.