The depth and breadth of the story

Angus McKenzie, Ward 50 councillor

With the increase in social media and access to information, specifically in our townships and communities, we have seen a huge trend towards information becoming more accessible sooner.

Most people now own a smartphone, and, with expansion of wi-fi connectivity, more people have become reporters and feeders of breaking news. However, in all of this the facts are sorely missing, the true story eludes us and the gossip trail increases. This is very dangerous ground. Perception has become reality.

Journalism has become our bread and butter, and, as a community, we seek to be informed of what is happening, when it is happening and who is doing it. Community newspapers, and more specifically the Athlone News, have managed to evolve and bridge the gap between professional journalism and the social media user.

While daily papers report on breaking news, we have found community papers give their readers the depth and breadth of the stories that concern them and are relevant to them.

The Athlone News has brought issues that don’t get reported on a bigger scale home to those to whom they matter.

It has allowed the readers of the paper to feel that they are part of the bigger picture, it has given these people the opportunity to debate and discuss the real issues that affect them as well as their communities.

My hope is that the Athlone News will continue to lead the community news space in Cape Town in ensuring that people are informed and educated on the real story and the facts. For 30 years it has been the leading news source for those matters, and, with its professionalism and high-class journalism, it will continue for many more years to come.