There’s a library (there)

David Kapp, Belthorn Estate

There’s a library (there)

Our butcher local exclaims

somewhat rhetorically

an eyebrow raised

There’s a library there

(Moses Mabhida Library)

and for me it is scrabble

as is the usual

I collect an Athlone News

from the butchery local

to pass on out yonder

at the other end

out Khayelitsha-way

to where I taxi

buses being absent

There’s a library there

and Amr Salie greets me

from a poster advertising

World Book Day 2018

already young chess players

are playing their game

(their coach is in full swing)

There’s a library there

Moses Mabhida Library it is

(who remembers who knows

why the library is so named)

There’s a library there

(a busy buzz there is)

and I capture bookmarks


@ your library they say)

blissfully I then scrabble away

with some youths willing

to make and create words

There’s a library there

A good time is had by all, out Site C Khayelitsha-way, April 21, 2018.