Victims of Taaibos Street fire need help

A fire destroyed homes in Taaibos Street.

About 10 people have lost everything after a fire at a house in Taaibos Street, Bonteheuwel, spread quickly to nearby homes.

The fire, at 9pm on Tuesday April 28, gutted the homes, destroying ceilings, walls, and all the occupants’ possessions.

The fire started at 63-year-old Mymoena Martinus’ one-bedroom home. Ms Martinus has been staying across the road with her daughter, Amiena Pinas.

Ms Pinas said her mother did not know how the fire had started.

“My mom is satisfied with what has happened and she said that she leaves this in Allah’s hands. She has made peace with it.”

According to Bonteheuwel ward councillor Angus McKenzie, the fire burnt three houses and two backyard dwellings, and the victims are now asking for aid to rebuild their lives.

Some have moved in with relatives, but others are homeless.

Mr McKenzie appealed to the public to help the fire victims rebuild.

According to him, it’s the third fire in Bonteheuwel so far this year. With winter coming, he warned residents to be careful and think about fire hazards as they tried to stay warm.

“The houses are right next to each other, so a fire can spread to another house very quickly. Residents must take caution.”

Fire and Rescue Service spokesman Jermaine Carelse said the fire was extinguished at about 10.23pm, and no injuries were reported.

Donations can be dropped off at 54 Taaibos Street, Bonteheuwel.