Warriors raise funds for Bramble Way, Red Cross

Raising funds for Bramble Way Primary School and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, at the Kromboom Road Park fund-raiser in Crawford, are Warriors of Hope founder Zeenat Parker, left, and chairwoman Zuleika Hoosen.

The Warriors of Hope non-profit organisation is raising money to buy sanitary towels, stationery and uniforms for pupils at Bramble Way Primary School.

The NPO had a food stall at a fund-raiser at the Kromboom Road Park, in Crawford, on Saturday February 5, where they sold corn in a cup, chip rolls, and other edibles to the public.

The organisation’s founder, Zeenat Parker, said the Bonteheuwel school was the first school they had raised money for five years ago when they had donated washable sanitary towels.

The NPO now has a partnership with the school and runs classes there every Friday for 40 struggling pupils, teaching them how to make good life decisions and academic choices, among other things.

“A lot of the young girls think that they have to sell their bodies for sanitary towels and give up their rights to the men around them because they cannot afford sanitary towels, but we are here to say no, they are worth much more than that and we will help them to get where they need to be,” Ms Parker said.

Warriors of Hope also wants to raise R100 000 to renovate the school’s library as a way to improve literacy levels in Bonteheuwel.

On Monday January 31, Warriors of Hope presented a R50 000 cheque to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. The money will be used to renovate the hospitals’ trauma-counselling room.

The NPO’s chairwoman, Zuleika Hoosen, said they planned to hold two or three more fund-raisers this month month.

“Through efforts like these, we get to understand what the needs of the kids are. Bramble Way is our pilot school, and we are hoping to expand this with other schools and help more people and children,” she said.

Ms Parker said the organisation desperately needed more volunteers.

Ward 48 councillor Dr Zahid Badroodien said the more activity there was in the park, the less likely it would be plagued by vagrancy, cable theft and vandalism.

“It’s important to encourage and support our struggling communities to help them get from market to market especially during Covid, and we are hoping to grow this into a more regular market,” he said.

Bramble Way Primary School head of department Thandiwe Aranes said the no-fee school had a great need for uniforms, stationery and food and any help from the community was welcome.

“We have pupils who don’t have a pencil or pen to write with, and it’s then up to teachers or school to provide things for them to learn every day. Warriors of Hope really helps us a lot and continuously. Last year, they had a jersey drive, and each one of our pupils received a jersey. And they also give donations for our feeding scheme. Last year, they donated so many burgers.”

To get involved, email admin@woh.co.za or call 082 824 8797.

Cable theft in Kromboom Road Park in Crawford remains a problem and trenches that had been dug to steal cable were visible there on Saturday.
Crawford ward councillor Dr Zahid Badroodien said that making public spaces available for communities was important.