We care

I hearby wish to request that the following facts be rectified in the story “Mom slams school over child’s injury” (Athlone News, March 15).

Donita Jordaan, secretary, Bokmakierie Primary School

Firstly, the mom, Louisa Dirks, was contacted at the number which was on the Centralised Education Management Information System (Cemis) list. There was unfortunately no reply, that is why the principal sent the mom’s nephew home to fetch somebody to accompany the pupil to hospital. I never told the mom that we did not have a contact number. The parents were asked to supply the school with their contact details at a school meeting January 17, but unfortunately, this parent failed to attend, nor did she return the slip which was sent with the child afterwards. I therefore cannot be blamed.

Secondly, the principal took the pupil to hospital himself.

He did not just drop the pupil, he took her to room 33, at Dr Abduraghman Day Hospital. The principal even left the school’s telephone number so that they could call him, in order for him to fetch the pupil and the aunt.

The principal is too much of a fatherly figure to all the children. He will go that extra mile for everybody in the community. He is a very precise individual, so why would he not investigate?

All matters are dealt with thoroughly. Ironically, it was the principal who visited Ms Dirks in hospital when she was run over by a car when she was a pupil. How dare she say he is not interested in the welfare of the pupils.

I hereby request an apology and kindly ask if the correct facts could be published.

The Athlone News contacted the school for comment, but were referred to the education department. The school has subsequently decided to comment.