A memorable day of honouring women

Ruth Davids, Rosabelle Riese, Faaiq Erasmus and Fatima Martin celebrate the successful day.

Staff at the Cape Town Association for the Physically Disabled (CTAPD) did not allow a lack of resources from honouring women in their organisation.

Thanks to teamwork and help from the community, they were able to treat 50 of their clients to a memorable day.

On Wednesday August 30, all roads led to Bridgetown, when the women were transported from areas like Bonteheuwel and Mitchell’s Plain.

As a non-profit organisation, funding is always a challenge, but the staff were determined to treat their female clients with the entertainment and pampering they deserve.

They managed to pull it off with a bit of creativity, and help from the community and local businesses. All staff got involved to ensure the success of the event and the theme was Women of Strength.

The guest speaker, Cleone Jordan, inspired everyone with her story.

Ms Jordan is a former client of the CTAPD, and now works for the Institute for the Promotion of Disabled Manpower (IPDM), an organisation that assists disabled people to enter the workplace.

Among those who pulled all the stops for this day, is Roger Fritz, the CTAPD’s protector workshop manager, who asked Sophia Felix to do the hall’s decor and flowers.

“Ms Felix is a contact from our church. She was elated to do this for us. I must say, when we organise events, the whole team do their bit,” Mr Fritz said.

The social worker for people with disabilities in Bonteheuwel, Brooke Tucker, echoed Mr Fritz’s sentiments.

“Today’s event was a team effort. We received donations for the food and a community leader cooked the food for us. We also received donations of magazines and pamper packs. Bonteheuwel community leader, Timothy Amos, also helped us out by organising the speakers, microphones and the amp. Also, SA Fire Productions, spoiled us with entertainment from Jéan Citto, Assur Petersen, and Kirby Jo, free-of-charge,” Ms Tucker said.

Rosabelle Riese also inspired all with her poetry.

She said she finds a release for all her emotions when she writes, and encourages everyone to do the same when they are going through a tough time.

Ms Riese, who had polio as a one-year-old, is now 62 years and is a three-time Paralympian for table tennis and pistol shooting.

Social auxiliary worker, Fatima Martin, also honoured volunteer Faaiq Erasmus for his contribution to the organisation.

Said Ms Martin: “Faaiq is a jack-of-all-trades. He is very inspirational, especially in the lives of women with disabilities. For disabled people, transport is always a challenge, because the gap in public transport is so huge. Faaiq is instrumental when it comes to transport.

“We, as the CTAPD want to thank Faaiq and show our gratitude. He is unselfish and one can always depend on him.

“Despite his recent diagnoses of cancer, he always gives back to the community.”