Advice session for seniors

Lansdowne seniors were last week treated to some snack and given adviceonpension grants, safe ATM use and social welfare.

About 70 seniors filled the Lansdowne civic centre on Wednesday March 18 and heard from South African Social Services Agency officials, Lansdowne police, and ward councillor Mark Kleinschmidt.

The seniors heard how to apply for Sassa grants; report abuse to the police or the neighbourhood watch; benefit from rates rebates; and reduce electricity bills by turning off geysers and household appliances when not in use

Mr Kleinschmidt said many seniors were often stuck at home and forgotten by society so the function was a chance for them to get out and meet new people before the Covid-19 pandemic made such occasions impossible to hold.

“This was the last opportunity for people to spend time with each other as we go into quarantine. We are always hugging and kissing each other as they are the ones who taught us this so now we have to learn new methods of greeting and speaking to each other. This is a way for us to thank them and show them that we appreciate them and what they have taught our communities,” Mr Kleinschmidt said.

Seniors were treated to snacks, entertainment goodie bags with hand sanitiser, soap, and masks.

Mr Kleinschmidt and fellow councillor, Yagyah Adams, also gave a R5 000 cheque to the Lansdowne clinic.

Clinic manager Masoeda McNiel thanked them, saying the money would be used for TB, HIV/Aids, Youth Day and other programmes.