Former classmates reunite

Norma Road Primary’s class of 1966 had a reunion at a former classmate’s house in Welcome Estate.

Former classmates of Norma Road Primary School saw each other again after 54 years – to reminisce about their childhood, to laugh and share a good meal.

The Standard 5 (Grade 7) Afrikaans class of 1966, many of whom are in their late 60s, held their reunion at their former classmate Ebrahim Starke’s house in Welcome Estate, on Sunday November 1.

Clive Pretorius, who came all the way from Heidelberg, said the “wonders of Facebook” had helped him make the reunion a reality.

“I initially traced two former classmates – Owen Wagner and Dudley Abrahams – but it took them a year to accept my friend request. I also posted in community groups, and then the breakthrough came. I received feedback and contact details. It was our intention to meet earlier this year, but Covid-19 meant we had to postpone it,” Mr Pretorious said.

Twenty-two of the original 54 classmates from 1966 were able to gather.

Mr Pretorius said some had died – three of them recently.

“Over the years, we saw each other occasionally, but not in the space where we could really catch up in a relaxed environment like this.”

Charles Adams was 16 the last time he saw any of his old classmates.

“It was good to see everybody, although I did not recognise some of them,” he said.

Gafsa Saffodien said it was good to reminisce about childhood.

“Everyone still looks so nice. Life is so hectic and scary, and coming together like this, after all these years, really lifted my spirit.”

Veronica Lewis said she looked forward to more reunions in future.

“I don’t think we could have done anything better than having a sit-down meal. I hope we can do this more often.”

Mr Pretorius said many of them had not completed their schooling, but most had made “success stories” of their lives.

“Your attitude to life measures your success – even if that success is as humble as ever,” he said.

The group also made a donation to their former school and a few representatives handed over the money on Monday November 2.