Heideveld teacher praised for her dedication

The Western Cape Education Department’s director, Brenda Robertson, hands over a certificate of appreciation to Lynette Davids. They are sisters.

Heideveld Primary School held a farewell function last Thursday for teacher Lynette Davids, 60, who is retiring after 37 years at the school.

Principal Rosdien Desai paid tribute to Ms Davids, saying, “She personifies the word commitment. She is meticulous, and I applaud her for her vision and skill.”

The Western Cape Education Department circuit manager for the district, Junaid Daries, thanked her for her commitment and dedication and wished her well. “Thank you also to your family who had to sacrifice time with you, as you served the school.”

Her sister, who also happens to be the WCED’s district director, Brenda Robertson, said teaching was more than a career to Ms Davids.

“To her, the learners always came first. I have seen her respond to requests from parents at any time.”

Ms Davids said teaching could be stressful at times, but staff at the school motivated each other.

“My passion is to serve people, and hence I am also serving at the Lions Club of Tokai. Now I have more time for my work at the Lions Club. I am excited to explore new opportunities and spend more time with my family and friends. Retirement is not the end of the road but a time for a new chapter in my life,” Ms Davids said.

The school’s choir sing a song dedicated to teacher Lynette Davids while watched by Ms Davids and principal Rosdien Desai.