Age does not define Grassy Park Crusaders women’s team

Grassy Park’s Crusaders’ women’s softball team is a mix of the young and the old.

At Turfhall sports complex, the Crusader’s women continue to prove time and again that age is just a number when it comes to the enduring spirit of the game.

The Grassy Park-based veterans take to the diamond with an enthusiasm that stands the passage of time, showcasing their seasoned skills and reminding the younger generation that they still held the secret to a powerful swing.

Their team is a mix of young and old, with some teenagers and their mothers, making for a great sense of camaraderie.

This weekend they had a showdown against Belhar Dolphins in a Cape Town Softball Association league game first division.

The game was more than a clash of teams, it was a testament to the timeless attraction of softball.

The final score was an 11-6 loss for Crusaders at the weekend but the scoreline took nothing away from their competitive nature.

Turfhall, the home of softball, is the ground where dreams are made in every pitch and swing, and where experience is lived.

The seasoned women of the Grassy Park outfit exhibit a competitive passion that echoes through the diamond.

Head coach Marius Del Carmé says it is in their DNA to have a mix of old and young in the club.

“We have a rich history of developing females, young and old, through effective life coaching, wellness, fitness and most importantly softball skills and playing ability,” he said.

“Our current membership of players vary in age with the oldest being 65 and the youngest 20. Our players average tenure ranges from 18 years and more,” says Del Carmé.

With each swing of the bat, they demonstrate that the fire of competition burns just as brightly within them as it does in the hearts of the young guns eagerly carving their paths in the game.

Softball, unlike many other sports, stands as a beacon of inclusivity, offering a competitive playing field for all age groups.

From the juniors testing their mettle to the seasoned old guards, each player finds a place within the game.

The Crusaders veteran women embrace this opportunity with open arms, refusing to let the chance for spirited competition pass them by.

Within softball, every swing is a story and every pitch a chapter, age is not an obstacle; it’s a badge of honour worn by those who understand that the competitive spirit never ages.

“We are more than a sports team, many have formed deep and wholesome friendships since joining as well as bringing families closer together on and off the field,” says Del Carmé.

Shanaaz Damon ready to take a swing.
Avril Boonzaier who is also the club’s chairperson taking care of pitching duties.
Off your marks, as Michelle Calvert sprint to the first base.