NPO donates to child and youth centre

Members of the Matthew Veldsman Smile Foundation with the boys at St Francis.

A Kenwyn-based non-profit donated gift bags to a children’s home at the weekend.

The Matthew Veldsman Smile Foundation (MVSF) visited St Francis Child and Youth Centre in Zwartdam on Saturday and gave the 44 boys who live there bags with hand sanitiser, face masks, chocolate, notebooks and pens. The organisation also donated two 50-litre containers of toiletries containing toothpaste, soap, lotion and toothbrushes.

Matthew Veldsman died in his sleep at 22 due to a connective tissue disorder that caused his right coronary artery to rupture. His parents, Shelley and Mark, and his sister, Lisa, started the organisation in his memory to help young boys become good citizens and role-models.

Jane du Plessis, from St Francis, said the organisation was overwhelmed by the donations as it needed help more than ever because of Covid-19.

Lisa Veldsman, the director of MVSF, said: “My brother would have enjoyed doing this work.”

For more about MVSF, email or visit or call 067 161 3566.