Parents unite to protect Boundary Primary pupils

Ward councillor Angus Mckenzie

The parents of pupils at Boundary Primary School have decided to take into their own hands, the task of protecting their children while they are at school, as the school is often affected by gang-related shootings.

The plan was devised by teachers and parents, with the focus on creating high levels of visibility around the school every day.

Parents will stand outside the school, situated in Taaibos Road, between 6am to 9am when children get dropped off at school, and from 1pm to 3pm when they are dismissed.

Ward 50 councillor Angus Mckenzie said children were safe inside school, but were at risk once they left the premises. “This has to be done and is in place due to the lack of funds and police patrolling.

“They are very excited about the idea. Sometimes people just need motivation to carry it out but I think it’ll definitely help the situation. This takes the walking bus to a different level and it will make sure they arrive and return home safely.

“This is extremely encouraging and in line with what it is we are trying to achieve as a community. I am encouraged by the willingness and commitment of Boundary Primary School staff and parents,” said Mr Mckenzie.

“Our kids need the support of both the parents as well as the school and together we can achieve the best results for our kids and community. Bonteheuwel continues to see significant changes,” he said.

Due to the public and school holidays, Athlone News was unable to contact the principal before this edition went to print.