Really really

David Kapp, Belthorn Estate

when it comes to science and maths education.

Are we still number 133

out of 142 countries

for the poor quality of teaching

mathematics science numeracy

literacy and primary school education

We who wait for a

National Science Week to make it real

affording politicians

the opportunity to showboat

Really really

new science laboratories

come our way courtesy

of UWC’s Science Learning Centre

for Africa – UWC-SLCA

for those into acronyms

Empowering and entrusting

the next generation

of scientists and technologists

Entrusting the future

to the next generation

after all, science takes you places

girls who wear pink can

become scientists too just

As our boys wear their blue

Really really

Inspired by the Athlone News article, “New labs make science real for school kids,” Wednesday March 1.