Walking ladies ‘support, inspire and motivate’

The Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies held a cancer awareness event.

The Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies hosted a cancer awareness event on Monday October 30 when they also paid tribute to all cancer patients and survivors as well as those who have lost their battle against it.

The group honoured seven of its members who delivered their testimonies of being cancer survivors.

Among them were Rukeya Basson, Faiza Cassiem, Yasmin Ismail, Ayeshia Moos and Shirley Thomas, who are all breast cancer survivors.

The Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies chairperson, Soraya Salie, and Carol Voegt are also cancer survivors.

Ms Salie thanked all those who “delivered their messages of hope”.

Speaking to the breast cancer survivors, Ms Salie said: “You are so brave and positive. You made us realise how lucky we are to still have both our breasts, Algamdoelil’laah. Praise be to God. We are blessed and humbled being members of Bonteheuwel Walking Ladies. Our motto is to support, inspire and motivate.”