We are free

David Kapp, Gatesville

We are free

is the declaration

from a caller

to morning radio

We are free

the caller going

on in the usual

black / white

white / black way

has the caller not

been freed yet

from our cataloguing

(not helped of course

by our official forms

and officialdom too)

We are free


once more

one more time

(just one time more)

but are we




from the hangers-on

the yes-men and yes-women

who hawk and trade still

a long time coming

a long time in its coming

a long time to get here

but where are we

are we where

we wanted to be

before all of this started

A caller to SAFM radio’s 8am to 9am show is a trifle magnanimous, post-Zuma and all that.