‘We have seen enough blood’

A 42-year-old man died after being gunned down in Tagus Road, on Wednesday October 25. Picture: Ian Bennett

A mass march will be held this Sunday to protest against ongoing gang violence in Heideveld and Manenberg following several fatal shootings in the area, says the Heideveld Community Police Forum.

The CPF’s chairwoman, Vanessa Adriaanse, appealed to residents, religious groups and neighbourhood watches to support the march against the violence.

She said the gangs used children for the relentless shootings that held residents hostage in their homes.

“They are targeting these kids because of their circumstances. They offer these kids money, clothes, takkies, and a sense of belonging. Some of the parents even stand with their kids with such behaviour.”

She questioned how it was possible for children who were doing the shootings to still be receiving state child-support grants.

“The community is fed-up and tired. We have seen enough blood and seen enough of our young kids dying. Most of these kids being killed are known to us. It’s disturbing constantly standing up and going to bed with these kinds of behaviour.”

The community should stand together and identify those behind the shootings, she said.

“We need to get them out of the community. They think nothing of society, so they must get out of our community. The community must know that they need to work with us and not constantly wait for SAPS and services. They need to do something themselves.”

According to Manenberg police station spokesman Captain Ian Bennett, a 25-year-old man was shot dead in Gonubie Road, Manenberg, at 8.50am, on Sunday October 29.

On Wednesday October 25, at 8.40pm, a 30-year-old man was shot and killed in Thames Avenue, Manenberg. On the same day, at 8.54pm, a 42-year-old man died after being gunned down in Tagus Road. He was allegedly shot by the passenger in a white car that then drove off.

On Friday October 20, Harare police arrested two boys aged 13 and 16 and a 34-year-old man for attempted murder.

Police say the 34-year-old man, driving a green Mini Cooper, dropped the teens along the N2 from where they walked to the sports complex in Katberg Road, Heideveld, and shot and wounded two men in their 30s.

Rival gang members then chased the teens back to the parked getaway car, which had been spotted by police detectives busy with another investigation.

The teens climbed into the car, which then sped off, but police gave chase and pulled it over in Bronze Road, Vanguard Estate.

Officers arrested the two teens and the 34-year-old. Police say the 13-year-old was found carrying a 9mm pistol.

On Thursday October 19, at 3.30pm, a man climbed out of a black VW Polo and shot at two men standing in front of a house in Zuurberg Road, Heideveld. A 22-year-old was killed while his friend ran for cover.

“A lot of the gang fights are infighting between the gangs,” said Captain Bennett. “It’s no longer about drug turf like it used to be. The last couple of murders is about infighting. The members are changing gangs, and that creates tension. They end up infighting and shooting at each other in the streets, killing innocent people.”

Anyone with information can contact Manenberg SAPS at 021699 9400 or Crime Stop at 08600 10111.