We salute you

In response to the great achievement by Dhilshaad Adonis of the Leadership College in Manenberg (“Schools achieve good matric results”, Athlone News, January 11), I would like to submit this poem, in honour of her hard work under trying circumstances.

To the girl in Manenberg who passed with seven distinctions

For us as your people, you are a light without question

Now many others do it, sure they do

But you are just an example of what sheer determination arouses in you

Playing hopscotch through bullets to finish an assignment

No manicured lawns, chaos all around

You dodged danger to show a mind profound

Nothing can stop you now, Your brilliance shone through

You the girl in a township, we salute you!

Go show the doom-mongers just who you are

You a light in darkness, you will go far.

What’s your excuse? There can be none.

The girl of a gang-infested territory showed you it can be done!