Women pamper seniors

Molly Snyders, 83, and Doreen Tsaai, 70, were among the guests.

The City of Cape Town’s Women for Change group hosted a pamper day for 65 seniors who do not belong to a club.

The event was held at The Downs community centre in Manenberg on Thursday April 12. The seniors, mostly women, were treated to a three-course lunch, entertainment and motivational talks.

Claudine Adams, who spoke on behalf of her group of 12 Women for Change members, said most seniors in the area belong to clubs, and they felt they needed to do something to show appreciation to those who do not get to socialise regularly.

“With seniors’ clubs, the members get to enjoy outings, bus trips and regular meetings.

“Many of the women we invited today just sit at home all alone. It breaks my heart to see them just having to sit there alone. Some of them care for their grandchildren, and others have to put up with their drug-addicted adult children. I know of one grandmother who does not get to go anywhere, because she cares for her disabled grandson. This is why we needed to let this happen.”

Ms Adams said her team worked hard to make this event happen.

“We walked for weeks to approach businesses for assistance. We were blessed that we received a lot of support. We only spent about R710 from our own pockets. The rest all came from donations. We just wanted to make them feel special and when they go home they must feel that they were genuinely treated.”

Each of the 12 members identified seniors who benefited from this event.

Fatima Fraser, 72, one of the guests, expressed her appreciation, saying: “Shukran. May we meet each other again at such an occasion. Thank you for receiving us so well. May God bless you.”

Francis Hendricks, 86, shared stories of the “good old days” of Manenberg, and urged her fellow seniors to claim back their community, adding that it can only be done when one “puts God first”.