Fuel price hike cripples consumers

Jasmine Uys, Alicedale Estate, Athlone

We hardly recovered from the recent load-shedding episode and last month’s sharp fuel-price hike, and now we are slammed with yet another sharp fuel-price hike.

We all know that when the petrol price goes up everything else also goes up – in a country where unemployment is rising and the majority of people are living under the breadline.

What is very alarming also is the fact that the petrol price was calculated wrong. Seriously? How did that happen? How do we know that it didn’t happen in the past also? How will we know.

Although 6 cents may sound very little, if you think about all the millions of litres of petrol that were sold already for 6 cents more before they realised their mistake then it’s not so little anymore.

Why can’t they take the levy off the petrol price? The price is already so much. I think South Africa’s name should be changed to South Levy Africa because you pay a levy on everything. Only in South Africa.